I have had my Polar FT4 for all of 3 days and it already hates me.

I tried it on while I was doing some housework earlier, and it seemed to be transmitting fine.
Then an hour ago I decided to try it out at the gym and it worked for about 10 minutes before it started dropping out. I stopped and wet it again and started a new exercise but nothing seemed to make it want to transmit my heart rate.
I even tried it when I got home after my shower but no dice.
Either I’m dead or I’m doing something wrong.
Can anybody help?

1 year ago on 27 December 2012 ~ 6:53pm 4 notes
  1. linna-pee said: are you just like dampening the band? my friend used to just splash it with like 2 drops of water. i actually run it under the tap! and make sure its on tight - but not too tight that it’s incomfortable!
  2. abetterm said: Is it tight enough? Make sure it is pretty tight against your body. I’ve also heard of underwire interfering with transmitting.
  3. lazygirlsramblings said: I had to saturate my to begin with and began wearing it tighter and it loosened to fit perfect. I loved.
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