Last night I came to the conclusion that I am overly tired.

I wake at 5:30, go to work for 7am, leave at 4pm, get through the door at 5pm, make dinner, eat it on the couch while watching a DVD and then promptly fall asleep.

I get home and I want to do all these things(laundry, homework, DIY crafties) but as soon as my butt hits the couch my body is like NOPE SLEEP TIEMS NOW and this is every day. 

This morning I’ve been oogling natural supplements for lack of energy/tiredness/fatigue and dear lord there is a lot:

*Burdock *Carnitine *Ginseng *Dandelion *Fo-ti *Ginkgo *Gotu-kola *Guarana *Nettles *Magnesium

Most of which I haven’t ever heard of. So right now I think I might try the Gingko (cause I know what that is) and possibly Magnesium.

Right now I’m looking into if multivitamins even do anything, and maybe I could get what I need in one tablet. We’ll see.

Do any of y’all have supplements that really work for you?

1 year ago on 19 March 2013 ~ 7:58am 8 notes
  1. steen-to-be-a-marathoner answered: I feel the same toooo :( The joys of having a job haha. Maaybe try wake up at the end of your sleep cycle? sleepyti.me
  2. newhorizonsmsm answered: Hi, New Horizons offer a range of nutritional supplements. MSM and BioAstin are two that can help to increase energy levels.
  3. chronicledfatigue1 answered: Acetyl carnitine tastes like bile. Not even kidding. :$
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