I hate the use of babe, or baby to describe anything other than a child/pet.

Jimbo is my baby but that is because he is my pet and he LITERALLY looks up to me and needs me to feed him and care for him. He fits the term baby!

I never want my boyfriend to use that as a pet name for me. He can call me snugglebumcuddleface if he wants but under no circumstance am I his baby.
The thought of referring to him as babe as well makes me want to fold in on myself and implode. He is a man with facial hair and brute strength - babe just seems so demeaning and silly.

Honestly even hearing other people call eachother baby makes me squirm.

1 year ago on 29 June 2013 ~ 7:08pm 14 notes
  1. scadsai said: Josh is my Boofhead. It’s affectionate really. Sometimes I call him babe but he hates it to its just to stir him up :P I’m with you in this one!
  2. butshewasonherway said: Lol I’m way guilty of using this too much. For some reason when I use it as an endearment I don’t think of it the same as an actual baby….the word just sort of comes out of my mouth. I think I think of babe, as in a sexy babe…I don’t know. lol
  3. jesskicksarse said: I’m the same as you.
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